Using Business English for work

If you want to be comfortable using English for your work,
you came to the right place.


BCommFluent is a service provider that helps you learn how to use English for your work without any stress.

Business English Training

Supporting professionals who need English for their work is the main reason BCommFluent exists. The goal of our work is to identify and eliminate all challenges you have when using English for work. You cannot be nervous and do your job 100% at the same time. In the end, your language doesn’t need to be perfect – you need to understand others and others need to understand you.

Business Communication Training

Using English is needed or important in your job. In this period, English is very stable as the international language in business. The big priority when you use English to do business internationally is to understand each other. Sometimes, that can be difficult. For that reason, most people can benefit very much from some communication training.

Clear Workplace Communication Workshop

Coming soon!

About you

If you answer yes to more than one of the questions below, you came to the right place.
» Do you get nervous when you need to use English for work?
» Did you ever fail to say something because you were not sure how to say it in English?
» Do you get embarrassed when you speak English in front of your colleagues, customers or management (especially if there are younger than you)?
» Do you feel you need more words to express what you want to say?
» Do you want to express yourself more clearly in meetings?

On the other hand, if you would like to:
» Become a more confident speaker today without learning more words
» Start to sound like a native speaker within weeks
» Improve your language fluency after only a few hours of work
» Use correct grammar automatically
then you should probably get that type of help somewhere else.

About me

Probably the best description I have about myself is engaging.
That means if we work together, I will give 110% to make my training relevant, interesting and useful.

I have a diverse professional background and that gave me the experience to support clients with various challenges when using English in professional situations.

I repeatedly get feedback from my students that I am able to help them feel good and relaxed when they use English – that’s the greatest compliment they can give me.

To find out more about me and details about my professional background and earlier career, click on the link here to visit my LinkedIn profile.

Student’s Feedback

Here is what some students think about working with me.

Lenard Dresing SAP BI Consultant

We spoke many times on various topics and he supported me to become more confident in English and to expand my vocabulary.

Anna Tyuleneva Legal expert

He motivated me consistently and provided good examples how to keep on improving my skills and become better at my job in English.

Vladimir Sukara CEO @ JSGuru

After every session with Slobodan, I felt inspired to continue growing and step by step I was becoming a fluent English speaker.

Elena Soroka Digital transformation specialist

I always got support from him, interesting conversations and good explanations of any topic.
Learning never seem hard.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions about your needs or my services.

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